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I was about to favorite it until those spectacularly craptacular strings came in...

well, I favorited it anyway in hopes that you fix it and re-upload it.

Lots of potential... now get back to work.

landscapers1 responds:

I was about to response you until that... hm.

Old School

Reminds me of the early jungle/dnb from the late nineties... simple pads, ambient atmosphere, and the Amen break.

Like your work.

ID-N responds:

oldskool!! YEAH!
great :D
like your review

About time...

It's about time you posted it, asstard.

5 & 10

This song is fantastic! Straight to my favorites list!

This tune is top notch; the arrangement is superb (great builds, breaks and automation), and you picked your timbres perfectly (I love your pads!).

Because this is an incredibly well done song I'm going to get incredibly picky in my criticism, so break out the salt because I am by no means a professional :P Mastering is by far the most difficult thing about producing a song and I think your levels, eq-ing and compression need more tweaking to make this a truly professional sounding/commercially viable tune.

My first criticism would be that the guitar sounds too perfect, too quantized and sterile, but that is my own personal taste and is neither here nor there. The song should start much quieter so when you have the drum build up at 1:40 there will be a greater feeling of build and hype into the rest of the song. I also feel that the drums should be much more up front making this song more of a banger. After the lead synth and the massive build up to 1:40 the song feels a little deflated. You could probably scale back on you lead synths a little; they are so cutting (which is good) that they don't take too much volume to cause the hype you're going for, and by scaling them back you will have more headroom to work with. I would also like to hear your leads and arpegiations bussed lightly into the same reverb your pads use. Doing so may seem like a contradiction, especially after making room for everything with eg and compression, but it would give the song better cohesion by having the sounds subtly blending in a practicably inaudible way.

I'm not sure what else to say :P You know full well it's a phenomenal song! You get a well deserved 5 & 10 from me.

I love you pads, bring out the drums, scale back your leads.

Keep up the great work!


Reasoner responds:

I'm pouring the salt over my open wound. Haha nah just kidding. I agree about the guitar. I got a little too happy with the quantization on that. I'm also definitely not a master of mastering (yes very corny) and when it comes to compression and eq'ing, I'm lucky to get by with what very little I do know. It's usually the first thing I notice about any kind of electronica piece I do is how much "bigger" this could sound through the right amount of mastering. I appreciate the critique. It's always nice to get tips and knowledge that will help me with the next project. Now get back to those remixes Mo!

5 and 10

I went through some of your songs, and you definitely have quality production. I like! When I listened to this one a remix idea immediately came to mind. Right now there is so much I want to do (and so little time, of course) that it may take me a while to get to it, but I'll keep you posted with any developments. :)


Reasoner responds:

A remix eh? Sounds exciting. This song was really just an exaggerated intro to something that I could never get out of my head and onto the keyboard. If you can find what that is then you have my blessing. I'll be waiting patiently...........ok anxiously. Oh and make sure you bust out some more imPOScar!!! haha.

Goosebumps, man!

I think i smell another remix on the horizon!

Gillenium responds:

Hahaha, that would be rad. You should do it! :D

Thanks for the review


I really liked this piece!
I think it would have fared better under ambient instead of indie, though.

Keep it up!


AndieCiambotti responds:

Thanks man :)
you're right about the ambient thing :S

Finish it, damnit!

It has potential to be a great tune, but like you said, it's a demo, so no full score from me! 4 and 8 is respectable, anyway.

Now some creative criticism. (You wouldn't put up a demo unless you wanted some, right :) Ok!

The first thing that came to mind is that the song is too slow. You're plodding along at 109 bpm. Unless you're intentionally taking the song slow, you should really take this tune waaaay up, between 150-160. Most dance tunes fall between 130-145, but because of the sound, styling and chords progression, this tune would be better suited at a faster dance temper, ala the happy/frantic tunes of DDR. When you develop the song you might want to make a really slow section in the middle, only to build it up to full speed again. It would create some tremendous hype.

Second: do not apologize for it being too loud! That's what this music is supposed to be!

EQing and compression: You need it. Since all your sounds are high energy you need to make sure they all have some wiggle room. I also want to hear everything else throb around that kick.

Also on the high energy note: Use a good resonant lowpass filter to roll off the high end in sections, then and build up into a huge sweeping crescendo.

Well, that should get you started!.. Then again, I could develop the song for you if you like! Damnit! Now I really want to! :P I already have a remix of Temple in the pipeline, so what's one more, right?

Let me know!

Keep up the good work.


Karco responds:

Eh, it's a demo, that isn't likely to be finished. It kinda got left behind by my other projects which took priority over it. :\

And yep, you're right! ;D I'll respond to your thoughts point by point...

I AM taking the song slow, I tried to get this to be a slower-paced, though still energetic, trance song. ;) I've tried before to speed it up... it didn't work out too well, to be honest. :\

Ha, ok. :D

EQing/Compression were probably the two hardest parts of making this song and probably what killed the chances of this getting finished. I know what you mean by wiggle room, I talk about it all the time in my reviews. ;D

Hmm, interesting thought with the lowpass filter, it sounds a bit simple in my opinion but I'll try it if I get the chance. ;) Sounds like something I'd put in a buildup after the breakdown or something.

You'd develop the song for me? :O Well, if you have Nexus (and possibly a few expansions) and VEC2, then I'll send you the .flp myself. :P It's not going to get anywhere with me, anyway... heck, maybe we could turn it into a collab of some kind. :P Check your PM inbox.

Thanks for the detailed review, glad you liked it! :D

Do I smell a remix?

The last little while has been outstanding for the ambient chart at NG, and this is no exception. The songs I want to remix just keep piling up. Great job!


5 & 10

Gillenium responds:

You want to remix this? Into what, a dance tune? That would be wicked. Thanks for the review!

Very Nice!

Looks like I have another remix project to work on!

5 & 10

Karco responds:

A remix? :O PM me if you need any help, and be sure to let me know if you get anything finished! ;D Thanks for the review, glad you liked it!

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