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I'm not that interesting, and you really don't care who I am so long as I entertain your ass. So stop acting like you are interested in who I am.

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Mo-Tech's News

Posted by Mo-Tech - February 26th, 2012

I really need to update my NG profile... and perhaps post some audio.

I can't believe i've been lurking here for almost fourteen years.

I remember when Pico was new.

Posted by Mo-Tech - December 6th, 2010


Posted by Mo-Tech - October 6th, 2010

All of it.


Posted by Mo-Tech - April 12th, 2010

Haha. I lied.

Posted by Mo-Tech - December 8th, 2009


I've had my first bit of real "I can't wait to finish this song" bit of inspiration in a long time!
Some DnB front page action coming your way in the next week. Arrogant? No! It's f*ing awesome!


Can't wait to finish it!

Why does inspiration have to come at the most inopportune times?
I'm way behind on studying for my medieval architecture class and physics. No. Seriously. Like half a semester behind, and the finals are in a day, and all I want to do is Logic Logic Logic.


Anyhoo... watch the front page! Epic DnB comin' your way soon! :D

PS: Here's a picture I took of the Chicago skyline from the UIC campus.


Posted by Mo-Tech - July 31st, 2009

Finally delving into my copy of Ableton Live for DJing purposes... I've only had it for, I don't know, three and a half years. It's version 5 and version 8 was released a couple months ago. Yeah well. I'm digging through the nuts and bolts of it, and I must say, it is the shiznit. Even though this will be my first full blown legit full length mix, it will be the freakin' bee's knees and cat's pajamas rolled into one. Thats right. It will be awesomer than two things awesome. Stay tuned brothers and sisters for the breakbeat/electro mix of the century... well, it'll be pretty sweet, anyway.

Posted by Mo-Tech - July 16th, 2009

Two of the best songs in the world combined in perfect harmony.

/* */

Posted by Mo-Tech - May 4th, 2009

I should be studying for my Western Civ final (which is in a couple of hours) but instead I'm screwing around in photoshop.

Oh, the atrocity.

The Real Life Tankman

Posted by Mo-Tech - March 25th, 2009

I just drank two big glasses of milk.

Today's date is the 24th of March 2009

The milk was due 27th of February 2009.

I should have checked when the milk was due before I drank it.


Posted by Mo-Tech - February 1st, 2009

This dude is a hobbyist who gives away his plugins for free, which is crazy because they are quite professional sounding. I use all of them, especially the TAL-U-NO-62 (an emulation of the Roland Juno-60) TAL-Dub Delay II (a super sweet delay unit which I use in every track I make) and the TAL-Chorus-60 (the chorus unit from the U-NO-62. The Tal-Baseline is also a pretty good emulation of the Roland SH-101 and makes for some sweet TB-303 acid lines with a bit of distortion.

He just came out with a Vocoder which sounds very much like the vintage 80's vocoder used in Daft Punk's "Around the World." It's sick.

Any how, do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT.

Tal Togu Audio Line