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I can definitely see where your influences lie

MegaMan, Battle Toads and Metroid.

In my opinion, the controls are spot on and par for the course for this style of game.
Level design (so far) is ok. It is a little tedious, but the original Metroid was INCREDIBLY tedious, so kudos for striking a good balance in the level design between Metroid and MegaMan.

My biggest complaint is in the art work department. If Who did the aesthetic design is 10, well then keep up the good work. You'll only get better. Otherwise find a friend who can properly design the visuals.

My second complaint is the music. Each song taken on its own is good and suits the moods of their levels/events, but an overall vibe is lacking. Find one single person to make all the music so there is an overall sense of coherence.

Your strengths obviously lie in the programming/engineering/design field, so recognize your weaknesses, focus more energy on your strengths, and get a couple people to pick up the slack.

Overall i'm having a lot of fun with the game. Favorited! :)

Not bad

Next time you put a red herring in one of your games make it have a use to throw people off :)

Two complaints:

1. The gold buddha + iron bar = crowbar, makes no sense at all
2. The ending was anticlimactic.

Otherwise, keep 'em coming :)


I must have played in the sandbox for at least 20+ hours now, and I still haven't made anything I want to make public! Just messed around trying to perfect certain mechanical ideas.

Probably everything I suggest you have already thought of or someone else suggested, but I'll go ahead anyway:

- Free draw shapes
- Polygons
- Lines and curves (with thickness selection)
- Scaling/skewing selection
- Flip selection vertically/horizontally
- Rotate selection by angle ("or snap" to angles in 15 degree intervals
- Cookie cutting (when you use a shape to cut a void in another shape)
- Springs, rubber bands and magnets
- Interaction selection grouping
- Editing during playback
- Playback speed selection (1/8th speed to 4x)
- Snap to grid
- Shapes contain multiple "snap to" points for common joint location (basically an internal "snap to" grid for each shape)
- User definable hardness/squishiness and bounce of shapes.
- Larger range in speed and power.

and the one thing I want more than anything else:

-Keyboard shortcuts for everything!

Well, that's everything I can think of for right now. But really, one of the nice things about this program is the simplicity and trying to see what can be done with what is available. It's neat to see how creative people can get with a limited palate.

Anyways, keep up the great work.

A real fun game

To bad the accompanying message is fodder. While I sympathize, to a degree, PETA is an extremist group it hinders the cause.

PETA is a joke.

I really like the unlockable desktop wallpaper of a bloody-knife wielding Cooking Mama clutching a dead turkey is hilarious! I made it my background and everyone loves it. It's worth playing the game for that alone.

Fun game.

What did I learn from this game?

Don't talk to people with British accents... they are bad people


I'm not that interesting, and you really don't care who I am so long as I entertain your ass. So stop acting like you are interested in who I am.





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